Child and adolescent health

Child and adolescent health done better

Let’s face it, your child is the most precious and important part of your life. So, when it comes to their health, there should be no compromise.

This is why we care so much about kids health, and our goal is to support your children to be happy and healthy. This is the sole purpose of having a family GP, someone who can listen and care for you, your children and the rest of your family every step of the way.

The Kids Health Hub is your one stop shop for kids’ health and we want to see you, no matter how big or small the problem might be. We are more than happy to see any child health related problem. Our beautiful waiting area will be sure to make you feel comfortable on arrival with a 2-metre-long aquarium, interactive touch screen, special seating for children and of course our walk through garden atrium where you and your family will find quiet spaces in the fresh air to wait.

What We Do
Kids Health
  • Perinatal, infant, child and adolescent medicine
  • Paediatric trained GP’s (who have undergone the child health diploma)
  • Child and family psychology
  • Paediatric mental health support and management
  • Paediatric development checks
  • Baby checks
  • Immunisations across the lifespan
  • Parenting seminars
  • A kids friendly waiting area with a large fish tank, interactive screen and books!
  • Rapid kids clinic
  • Complex kids clinic
  • Iron infusions for children aged 10+ can be considered but need to be seen by a GP to discuss risk vs benefit
Rapid Kids Clinic

Unique to the Garden – our ‘Rapid Kids Clinic’ is for those quick check overs when you’re worried or concerned your child might have something that needs treatment.

Runs Monday to Friday in the morning and afternoon. Can be booked on the day by calling us at the clinic. Appointments are limited but we will always try our best to accommodate all appointment requests.

Examples of when to use the Rapid Kids Clinic are: fevers, sore ears and throats, coughs and colds, less appetite or thirst, sore tummies, cuts and bruises, minor injuries.

All Rapid Kids Clinic consults are privately billed at $75 and will attract a Medicare rebate of $41.20 ($33.80 out of pocket).

If you or your child are presenting with any cold or flu symptoms, please remain in your car and call the clinic to advise that you have arrived. The GP will be in contact with you to assess whether the consult will take place in the clinic or while staying in the car.

This service does not replace the emergency department, if you are genuinely concerned your child needs emergency attention, please proceed directly to Fiona Stanley or Perth Children’s Hospital.

Complex Kids Clinic

The Complex Kids Clinic is designed to support families needing more complex care for their child. We understand that getting a thorough check can be difficult and so we wanted to dedicate a set time each week that you can book these appointments for bigger concerns.

1 hour appointment slots available to allow time to discuss concerns.

We suggest discussing these with our friendly front of house team before booking to ensure this is appropriate for you.

Examples of when to book the complex kids’ clinic are:
Developmental concerns, mental health concerns, chronic health conditions and seeking a new GP and just if you feel you need a longer time to discuss issues occurring for your child.  Doctors available to run these consults are Dr Andrew Leech, Dr Lauren Johnson, Dr Hong Chee Tan, Dr Emilie Pitter and Dr Crystal Durell.

All Complex Kids Clinic consults are billed at $280 and will attract a Medicare rebate of $117.40 ($162.60 out of pocket).

Dedicated support for your child’s needs

Your child deserves to have their learning needs met and understood. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Navigating the system is very challenging, and it is under much strain. For example, waiting times to see a developmental paediatrician have blown out in some cases to two years. The Garden Medical GP’s will try to listen to what is going on and get you started. We’re here to help you understand your child and what is going on for them. We aim to fill in that gap of a long wait time by monitoring what is going on and working towards a plan.

The best experience for your child

We have a child and parent-friendly waiting area, interactive touch screens so you can play games or watch videos while you’re waiting, and noise-cancelling headphones to help keep little ears from getting bored. We take care of your children as if they were our own.

Helping you navigate the system

The Garden Medical team are here to help you navigate the system. We have GP’s, nurses and psychologists to support you, we have a child and parent friendly waiting area and really care about what is going on for you.

We want to know what you’re going through

You’ve been looking for help for your child but hitting dead ends. We know that this is a really difficult time – and we’re here to help. We understand developmental paediatrics, mental health issues in children, and learning difficulties. But we also understand the importance of taking the whole child into account, understanding the world in which they live.

Our GP’s, nurses and psychologists will work with you to find the best way forward for your child. Call or email us now – we can’t wait to hear from you.

Services include

  • Mental health plans – psychology and OT referral
  • Care plans
  • Developmental checks
  • Liaising with schools, paediatricians and psychiatrists
  • Multi-disciplinary team meetings and case conferences
  • NDIS support
  • Centrelink support
  • Parenting classes
  • ADHD support including co-prescribing
Teen Health

We know that coming to a GP is difficult for teens, so we created one that’s the complete opposite of what they’re used to. With no judgement or stigma, our teen waiting area is an awesome, chilled out, non-stimulating environment. Or spend time in our central garden area whilst waiting, or even wait in your car. Whatever suits you is also fine with us. The HotDoc app will make it easy to book and to figure out where you are placed in the waiting room and how long you have to wait to see your doctor.

  • Youth friendly doctors
  • Confidential consults (ability to see teens on their own)
  • Drug and alcohol advice
  • Sexual health and STI screening
  • Contraception
  • Mental health diagnosis and management
  • Mental health care plans
  • Gut health
  • Physical health checks including blood tests
  • Travel advice
  • Teenage vaccinations
  • Transgender health