Diabetes Support

Providing you with non-judgmental support for your Diabetes

Fran Leclercq is a Credentialed Diabetes Educator and Registered Nurse and provides holistic, individualised advice, education and support to people living with Diabetes.

Fran believes in a non-judgmental approach and works with individuals to help them achieve their own health related goals. Her goal is to empower people so that they feel comfortable with self-managing their condition.

Fran has passion for diabetes technologies because she loves how they can help ease the burden and make life that little bit easier.

Fran can assist people with:
Type 1 Diabetes and LADA
Type 2 Diabetes
Some other types of diabetes

Services Fran provides include:
Newly diagnosed diabetes education
Glucose optimisation
Continuous glucose and flash glucose monitor education
Insulin initiation and titration
Education on other diabetes medications
Insulin pump starts, upgrades and reviews
Bolus calculator set up
Young Adult consultation

To make an appointment with Fran, go to the green ‘Book Appointment’ button on our website or call and speak with one of our Healthcare Assistants.