Child and Adolescent Health

Child and adolescent health done better

Let’s face it, your child is the most precious and important part of your life. So, when it comes to their health, there should be no compromise.

This is why we care so much about kids health, and our goal is to support your children to be happy and healthy. This is the sole purpose of having a family GP, someone who can listen and care for you, your children and the rest of your family every step of the way.

The Kids Health Hub is your one stop shop for kids’ health and we want to see you, no matter how big or small the problem might be. We are more than happy to see any child health related problem. Our beautiful waiting area will be sure to make you feel comfortable on arrival with a 2-metre-long aquarium, interactive touch screen, special seating for children and of course our walk through garden atrium where you and your family will find quiet spaces in the fresh air to wait.

What We Do

Kids Health

Teen Health

We know that coming to a GP is difficult for teens, so we created one that’s the complete opposite of what they’re used to. With no judgement or stigma, our teen waiting area is an awesome, chilled out, non-stimulating environment. Or spend time in our central garden area whilst waiting, or even wait in your car. Whatever suits you is also fine with us. The HotDoc app will make it easy to book and to figure out where you are placed in the waiting room and how long you have to wait to see your doctor.

  • Youth friendly doctors
  • Confidential consults (ability to see teens on their own)
  • Drug and alcohol advice
  • Sexual health and STI screening
  • Contraception
  • Mental health diagnosis and management
  • Mental health care plans
  • Gut health
  • Physical health checks including blood tests
  • Travel advice
  • Teenage vaccinations
  • Transgender health