Travel Medicine

Helping you travel overseas safely

The Garden Family Medical Clinic is ready to help you with your travel preparations. With the world opening up again we are as excited as you to help you prepare in the best way possible for wherever you might be heading.

Some illnesses you can catch overseas can be prevented with immunisation. Anyone travelling overseas should one of our GP’s to find out what vaccinations they need. Even if you think your travel destination is safe, keep in mind that disease outbreaks can and do happen. Vaccination offers good protection against many diseases.

A few tips before booking your appointment:

Get in early, it can take a few weeks to gain full immunity from the vaccinations. It is important that you don’t wait until the last minute to visit your GP to discuss the immunisation needs for your trip. You might need several doses and you might need time after immunisation for your body to develop full immunity.

Do your research. Have a look at the World Health Organization (WHO) and Smartraveller for the latest information on international infection outbreaks and available vaccines.

Even if you’ve had the vaccine before, consider a booster. In addition to immunisations against new infectious diseases, you might need ‘booster shots’ to catch up on missed vaccines or doses of vaccines that you have received before. This is safe and can be very effective.

There is no set immunisation schedule that will suit all travellers, so it is best to chat to our GP’s first. You can book a standard appointment for this, and they will decide the right regime for you.

All our GP’s are trained in travel medicine and can help with your vaccine schedule and general tips and advice for each country. We are currently in the process of becoming accredited for Yellow Fever vaccination, we are not able to provide this vaccine yet but watch this space.

To book, click the green ‘Book Appointment’ button on our website and select the ‘travel vaccine consult’ option.