The Team


Healthcare Assistant

Hi, I am Ainslie. After many years as an administrator in various industries, a health diagnosis tipped my world upside down. But not one to be defeated, these challenges set me on a new path, towards a role in health care.

I decided to study and obtain my Assistant in Nursing Certification. I wasn’t sure what job I wanted. I just knew I needed to be “that someone for someone else”. That caring, listening ear. A life experience to share. A positive presence to show someone else that you can go on no matter what life throws at you.

I recently became a Patient Care Assistant at a local hospital and I am thrilled to be able to pair that role with being part of the incredible team at The Garden Medical.

I’m a WA girl, mum of two boys with my partner Kale and a little infatuated with my Jack Russell, Moose.  I have way too many dog print things in my home and when I’m not working or carting the kids to footy and teeball, you will probably find me running, walking or lifting some weights.

I am passionate about Bowel Cancer Awareness and following your instincts when it comes to your health and the best health advice I received and now pass on is “don’t google!”.

I look forward to seeing you at The Garden.