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Emerging Minds Families with Dr Andrew Leech – A GP’s role in supporting the family

When it comes to the health of children and families, general practitioners, or GPs, are often the first port of call for parents seeking advice and treatment for their child’s health concerns.  GPs are well equipped to address a wide range of issues that can affect children, from common ailments such as colds and flu, […]

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Coffee – is it good for us?

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, with millions of people relying on it for a daily energy boost. While there has been some controversy about the health benefits of coffee, recent studies have shown that there are indeed some benefits to drinking this delicious drink. It is also just a great

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Getting your ‘Bub 2 Sleep’!

Welcome Donna Moala, sleep consultant from bub2sleep! Today we meet sleep expert, Donna, who is highly passionate and experienced in dealing with challenging sleep routines and behaviours. The stress caused by a screaming child at night can be like nothing else. Today we talk about types of problems Donna has come across and how it

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ADHD – the go to guide

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most common mental-health condition in children and is present in most countries around the world. Although there is an abundance of literature on ADHD with plenty of scientific information, this condition remains controversial and often under diagnosed. In this episode we meet developmental paediatrician (Prof Desiree Silva) and

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