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Understanding Our Teens

Clark Wight is an internationally renowned teacher and expert in the area of engaging teenagers, in particular teenage boys and supporting their needs when facing adversity. Todays podcast will cover this area along with communication with children and teens. We also discuss some of the tricky areas of dealing with phones, gaming and pornography as

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Autism in Girls

In this podcast we welcome back Miriam Kirby, a developmental paediatric psychologist who has extensive experience working with children with autism. Rates of autism prevalence suggest that boys are, on average, 4 times more likely to have autism than girls. But this figure may hide the true incidence of autism in girls and women as

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Tips for Stress-Free Mealtimes

Kids have evolving tastebuds from a very young age. Infants have around 30,000 tastebuds spread throughout their mouths. By the time we hit adulthood, only about a third of these remain. So eating is an intense experience for children. Children are tasting food with higher intensity and flavour than adults. As part of evolution, they

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Understanding Paediatric Anxiety

Anxiety might just be the fastest growing childhood mental health issue in Australia. Several universities researching child behaviour estimate that between 8-22% of children now experience anxiety more intensely and more often than their peers. To date, GPs are the most used service provider when it comes to mental health of children. Feeling anxious, stressed,

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Happy Sleeping Families

Happy Sleeping Families Experienced Paediatric nurse and sleep consultant, Tara Mitchell, talks to us on this episode about the gentle sleep approach. Tara is a trained sleep consultant and has become increasingly popular across her social media platforms. She offers range of packages online and face to face. We talk about important sleep strategies for

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