Covid and Kids: Part 4 – Looking Forward

Today in our final episode on Covid-19, we talk to a developmental child psychologist, Poh Gan to complete our chat around coping from home. She has some handy tips on how to handle stress in your house and be more fully present in your life.

We also meet Leon Grey, television actor and father of 2 young children. It is great to hear a parent perspective on the lockdown period.

This episode includes:

  • Home schooling tips
  • Working from home and juggling parenting
  • How will we get out of this? How do we go back to normal?
  • Further tips on communicating with children
  • Creating ‘calmness’

Be sure to check out emerging minds, a fantastic resource with videos, podcasts and handouts that might help you to further navigate your communication and understanding of children’s responses during COVID.

Leon can be found at

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