Emerging Minds Families with Dr Andrew Leech – A GP’s role in supporting the family

When it comes to the health of children and families, general practitioners, or GPs, are often the first port of call for parents seeking advice and treatment for their child’s health concerns. 

GPs are well equipped to address a wide range of issues that can affect children, from common ailments such as colds and flu, to the more complex conditions such as asthma and diabetes. In addition to treating physical health concerns, GPs can also provide important support to families dealing with mental health challenges.  

Children and young people can experience a wide range of mental health difficulties, and GPs are often the first healthcare professionals to not only identify these difficulties, but provide crucial support when it’s needed most. However, it can be hard for parents to know when it’s time to seek support and feel confident in asking for help.  

In this podcast we talk with Dr Andrew Leech who has over 12 years experience as a GP, and a special interest in child mental health and wellbeing.

Content warning: This podcast includes mentions of anxiety and child protection. If listening to this podcast brings up any difficult feelings for you, please seek help from your mental health professional or a crisis support service.

Please note: This podcast discusses Mental Health Care Plans, which are also known as Mental Health Treatment Plans.

In this episode you will learn:

  • why it is important for parents to be conscious of the mental health of their children [01:06]
  • how parents can start a conversation with a GP about the mental health in their family [04:38]
  • what a Mental Health Care Plan is (also known as a Mental Health Treatment Plan) and how it can benefit a family [11:30]
  • how a GP’s approach will change depending on the age of a child [18:46]

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