Teen Health

A place for young people to come and get advice

Teenagers are often misunderstood because of the problems they run into such as drugs and alcohol, problematic relationships and social media.
Part of our motivation to create The Garden, was because we believe that all teens deserve their own GP and a safe space where they can come and get health advice as well as an environment where they feel comfortable.

Support your teen's health challenges

As a parent or teenager, you might not know where to turn for advice and support on the issues that matter most. Teen health is a special area for us as we realise that when it comes to teenagers, they have their own unique set of challenges and health needs. We understand this and provide non-judgemental, confidential, caring and easy going advice in order to make sure your teen has access to the right information.

The best way to make a change

We know that coming to a GP is difficult for teens, so we created one that’s the complete opposite of what they’re used to. With no judgement or stigma, our teen waiting area is an awesome, chilled out, non-stimulating environment. Or spend time in our central garden area whilst waiting, or even wait in your car. Whatever suits you is also fine with us. The HotDoc app will make it easy to book and to figure out where you are placed in the waiting room and how long you have to wait to see your doctor.

What we do:

  • Youth friendly doctors
  • Confidential consults (ability to see teens on their own)
  • Drug and alcohol advice
  • Sexual health and STI screening
  • Contraception
  • Mental health diagnosis and management
  • Mental health care plans
  • Gut health
  • Physical health checks including blood tests
  • Travel advice
  • Teenage vaccinations
  • Transgender health