The Team

Dr Andrew Leech

General Practitioner

FRACGP, MBBS (ND Fremantle), BSC (UniMelb), DipChild Health (UniSyd)

Hi! I’m Andrew, and this is my dog, Monty!

I founded the Garden Clinic and can’t wait to show you what we have on offer.

I trained in medicine, graduating in 2009 at Notre Dame University in Fremantle.

I grew up in Melbourne. I’m married to Tanya and we have two girls, Charlotte and Isabelle, they are the centrepoint of my life. Before the Garden I have been involved in a number of projects including speaking about kids mental health for the GP college (RACGP) and at a number of conferences in Australia and Internationally. I am very passionate about increasing the awareness of childhood mental illness.

The most inspiring part of my work is seeing families over a long period of time, I feel like I almost become part of the family in many respects as I have the privilege of hearing so many personal life stories. No two lives are the same, being a doctor has taught me that we are all so unique and this means treatments also need to be carefully tailored for each individual.

My favourite podcasts are the SuperSoul Sessions, HBR ideacast and Hidden Brain.  The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is to take every opportunity. I feel this is what has brought me to the Garden, one of the greatest opportunities of my lifetime.